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Specializing In....
- centimetre reduction
- cellulite reduction
- muffin-top reduction
- weight loss
- post baby belly reduction
- beer belly reduction
- spot reducing problem areas of the body
- getting results
- reaching your goals
- reducing your time spent exercising
- making exercise effective
- getting brides ready for their big day
- getting you back into your favourite jeans
- getting self confidence back
- creating healthier habits

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"It's time to treat yourself to a better you. The only thing you've got to lose is centimetres."
In every corner of the world, HYPOXI has been hailed  "...the most effective cellulite and fat burning treatment to come on the market" (SHE Magazine).

Today there are over 250,000 users of HYPOXI in over 2000 clinics across the globe. Now, the world's most scientifically recommended fat & cellulite reduction systems has made it to Adelaide.

If you're looking to lose centimetres, shed some cellulite, drop a couple of kilo's or just want to look your best for that special occasion then HYPOXI body boutique Mawson Lakes is for you. BOOK IN NOW for your FREE Trial & Consultation.

"After completing my first 12 Treatment HYPOXI package at HYPOXI body boutique I had lost a total of 6.4kg & 39cm. Now nearly 5 months later using HYPOXI I have lost a total of 25.5KG & 159cm. I've reached all my set goals. I'm addicted."*

- Tammy, 24, Para Hills, SA

*Individual Results may vary

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